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Wheelchair VansPrior to Disabled Dealer Magazine individuals had little choice of options in purchasing or selling their wheelchair vans without going through an auto dealer. Wheelchair Vans were limited in the classifieds so it became the goal of Disabled Dealer to allow individuals the option to sell their wheelchair vans and other adaptive equipment without the middle man. Disabled Dealer also became a one stop shopping place for individuals to purchase their new or used wheelchair vans, scooters, lifts, hospital beds, Recreational Vehicles, etc… and also allowed dealers to advertise their new wheelchair vans and adaptive equipment they sell, giving people with disabilities a lot more options.

With modern technology wheelchair vans include a lot more than just vans. There are full-size vans with hi-tops, mini-vans with raised roofs or sport tops, trucks can be converted to drive from your wheelchair as well as Hummers. Most wheelchair vans have side ramps for access, platform lifts, rear entry lifts, under floor ramps, lowered floors as well as electric gas and break, hand controls, and the latest in technology for higher level quadriplegics the “Digipad” system where everything is controlled by a touch of a button. Long gone are the days when wheelchair vans were only full size vans with a manual lift. The first wheelchair van was a Ford. Then along came Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Toyota and Honda. A new wheelchair van that is modified with the basic lift and hand controls start at approximately  $30,000. A price that may be too high for a lot of people on disability, so the option of purchasing a used one at a reasonable price has now become available since the inception of Disabled Dealer Magazine where some wheelchair van can be bought as low as $5,000.

For information on Disabled Dealer Magazine’s or Disabled Dealer Enterprises, Inc. or to speak with a contact person in regards to advertising, distribution or franchise information call Stella Smith at 1-888-521-8778 or email

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Equipments for Disabled Wheelchairs Accessible Vans