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Montreal Wheelchair Nightmare

My husband (C5,6 quad), myself and his caregiver flew to Montreal for what we thougt would be a really unique and fun vacation...not so much.


In a nutshell downtown is divided into two parts; old and new. It didn't matter because the "new" part was just as non-accessible as the "old" part. The weather was beautiful so there were a lot of open air dining options but none of which we could utilize because they even put the tables up on platforms! The stores had at least one high step to get ramps. The only places that were accessible were the chains. ie: Embassy Suites and McDonalds. I must say Embassy Suites was very nice with double doors from the living area to the bedroom, good size bathroom with roll in shower BUT if you can't go anywhere whats the sense of staying there?


There's not really much to write in this article because of the lack of accessibility but I wanted our quad readers to know...don't bother 


Pamika Brasserie Thai