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Chucker Golf CHUCKY-4 (877-248-2594) The Chucker Golf Club™ was designed to expand participation in the incredible game of Golf. It has become apparent that using a Chucker Golf Club™ could be a fun alternative to using a standard golf club. Similar to snowboarding as an offshoot of skiing, Chucker golf is an enticement for more people to play golf. The Chucker Golf Club was created when a gentleman, who was an avid golfer, became handicapped. He could no longer swing a wood or iron, but he could still putt. That's how the Chucker Golf Club was born. Regular Golfers, in addition to those with disabilities, have found this club to be really fun! It is used like a catapult by swinging the Chucker overhand. Some of the pros who have used the Chucker are getting over 200 yards. For short shots, just pop the ball up by stopping the swing shot using your other hand. Some courses are even planning Chucker Tournaments, where the players carry only two clubs, the Chucker and a putter. CHUCKY-4 (877-248-2594)
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