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Travel Adventures Introduction


             Travel Adventures 

                                               by Stella Smith


Hello Readers:


I am one of the founders, along with my husband Rob Smith, of Disabled Dealer Magazine, Inc.   Rob is a C 5,6 quadraplegic in a power wheelchair.  We are in our late 50's and are at the point in our lives where we feel we better get out and explore this great country of ours while we still can. Although many websites cater to people in wheelchairs it's hard to find power wheelchair specifics although I have to say it is getting a little easier.   What I would like to do is take you on our trips with us and maybe give you some ideas for your future travel.  Maybe print and keep in your travel folder? 


I will start by saying that we normally bring a portable ceiling lift with us.  The one we use is by Prism Medical  P-300 Portable Ceiling Lift  It is very easy to set up and I have always found that engineering at the hotel is very helpful in assisting. It is also fairly light weight and the bag has wheels and a handle. It's kind of like pulling a big set of golf clubs. Ours will only accommodate up to a queen size bed.


The other  thing we do is have our bags always packed for approx. 5 days. This is helpful for a couple of reasons. Takes the stress out of packing just before a trip and also you're ready at a moment's notice. We also have a list (and a pretty long one) of all supplies needed in the suitcase and while we're on the trip if I see we're running low for the next trip I put it in my "memos" on my phone so when I get home I can just restock. This took a few times of realizing what we really needed. I also realized that it was easier to pack 2 suitcases of supplies. One for the supplies we definitely need and the other for supplies we MAY need but probably not ex: cushion patches, roho pump, disposable leg bags, dressing supplies, extra wheelchair cushion etc..


Over the next few months I will be catching you up on some of our trips we've already taken this year such as Key West, Fl, Las Vegas, NV, A log Cabin Rental in Helen, GA, Montego Bay, Jamaica, Vero Beach, Fl and cruises.


Stay tuned and stay adventurous!




If you have taken any vacations suitable for power wheelchairs I would love to hear about them!