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Home    Accessible Vehicles   1993 Ford Clubwagon DSI Van

ITEM ID: 121798  CATEGORY: Accessible Vehicles  PRICE: $6,000.00
1993 Ford Clubwagon DSI Van 
Item Description:FSBO. Driving Systems Inc. (Scott System),Van Nuys, CA. Can be driven by disabled person/electric wheelchair. Paired wheelchair (Quickie 646 SE) & van can be sold together for $6500.00. Alt’s and adj’s can be made by DSI, or at any disabled vehicle dealer. Upper body strength necessary. Driver no taller than 5'7" to 5'9". Low mileage. Well maintained. Rear wheelchair lift. 5.0 liter V8. Power assist systems (servo & hydraulic) aid with steering, braking and acceleration. Driver training suggested
Seller Phone Number:  650-504-1110
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